5 Problems Everyone Has With Dell Laptop and How to Solved Them

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5 Problems Everyone Has With Dell Laptop and How to Solved Them

Sometimes our Dell laptops can give us a scare by bringing up issues. Some of these problems are easy to fix and do not require you to run to your technician making you spend loads of money. Below are the common problem with Dell laptops and how to fix them.

1. Computer Will Not Start

One common problem with the Dell laptops is when the computer will not start, to resolve this issue one needs to check if all cables are plugged in and switched turned on. Check if the monitor is turned on and well connected to the laptop. Change the fuse cable and ensure the extension is working well. If the sockets are not working, try another socket and lastly ensure no buttons or switches are stuck.

2. No Sound Coming From Computer

It can be devastating when you badly want to watch a movie or play games online, and your Dell laptop has no sound. When fixing sound problems, one need to check if the volume is turned up, then ensure your speakers are correctly plugged in. Sometimes the speakers might not work if they are plugged into the wrong port. If you suspect that your speakers are broken, plug in your earphones to see they will work. Lastly, check on the task-bar that the sound is not mute.


3. Blank Monitor Screen

Blank screen happens when you start your laptop and it displays a no input message. If a blank screen happens, the first thing to do should check if the monitor is correctly plugged to power and if its securely connected to the laptop. When the connection is loose, some Dell laptops do not function. Then check if the power button is on if it is not, switch it on and your screen will start working normally again.


4. Computer Boots But Won’t Launch

When your laptops windows won’t start, press F8 during the start-up process. If that does not fix it, the problem might be software related and not with the hardware. Run a malware on your laptop and scan for viruses. If the laptop does not boot in safe mode, try rebooting laptops repairs to fix the start-up problems. Alternatively, you can use the system restore which enables you to restore data from a previous date. Any recent unsaved work might be lost, but your laptop will be okay.


5. Slow Internet

Sometimes Dell laptops experience the slow internet, and this can be frustrating especially to students who have urgent assignments to submit. If you happen to experience the slow internet, reboot the router and restart your laptop. Rebooting your router means unplugging for 5 minutes and plugging it back in again. You can also check for malware or spyware infections.

Sometimes slow internet would mean your internet subscription has expired. Inquire with your internet provider to make sure there are no connection problems maybe the problem could be from their side. If the connection is right from your provider’s side, try to move the router around or reboot both the router and the laptop while changing the wireless channel.