7 Easy Ways to Make Lenovo Laptop Faster

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7 Easy Ways to Make Lenovo Laptop Faster

Nothing is frustrating like a slow laptop especially when you have deadlines approaching or when you are in the middle of your favourite game. Sometimes Lenovo laptops tend to slow down, below are easy ways to make the laptop work faster.

Uninstall Programs

Sometimes laptops download applications without our knowledge whenever they are connected to the WIFI. Uninstall the programs that you do not use because some of them run background when you start your laptop. You can remove these programs from the control panel feature page. Check the installed programs and delete all programs not being used.


Disable Start-Up Programs

Start-up programs are programs that launch when the laptop starts up. These programs affect the login process speed and the memory. Windows 8-10 comes with a start-up manager icon that one can use to manage the programs. The windows will even tell which programs are slowing down the start-up process.


Give Your Computer a Static IP

Another way of speeding up your laptop is by giving it a static IP address that never changes. Your laptop spends a lot of time requesting the network for an IP address during start up process.


Defragment Your Hard Disk

De-fragmenting the hard disk is not necessary for modern versions of Windows. Because they defrag automatically all the mechanical and hardware running in the background. Defragging is only important to those using old widow versions on their laptops.


Blow Out the Dust

Dust can affect the airflow of your laptop, and airflows ensure that the laptops temperatures are down. If they are affected, it means your laptop will start overheating, and this will slow down the overall performance of your PC.

Overheating will also affect activities like skyping because the other person will just hear distracting noises hence affecting your communication. Therefore it is important to blow air into the vents of the laptop and push out the dust or use suction to remove the dust.


Get More Ram

This is the random access memory that is used by your laptop to when different programs are executing tasks. Meaning that the more programs you run at the same time, the more ram needed. If one does not have enough ram, the laptop slows down. For example when your computer hangs when you try to open a large file or play some games. The only option is to by ram or installs a new memory on the laptop.


Reset Your PC / Reinstall Window

If the above solutions don’t work on your Dell laptop, reinstall your windows, this can easily be done by clicking on the reset your PC icon which is inbuilt on your laptop. This feature will give your system a new fresh operating system without losing your important files.