Computer as a part of life

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Computer is a device which consist of both software and hardware. From the time of its development various generations of computer have been developed. Each generation have little bit of modifications as compared to previous one. There are various features available in a computer such as Power-point, word, excel and many more. One can watch movies in computer and can store it for future use. Music can also be stored in it for listening at any time you want. Generally, a computer doesn’t have brain but CPU is considered as the brain of the computer. A user provide instruction to the CPU and it performs according to it. At the time of development, computer was used as calculating device but after more development it become multi-functional. Computer don’t understand languages like us, it only understands binary numbers which is 0 and 1. As computer is a type of machine, hence it also needs servicing and maintenance.  Maintaining your computer or laptop at regular interval can help it in performing better. computer repair can be costly as it depends on the type of problem your computer has. As every machine has problem, computer has also various of problems. To be free from the use of paper and writing with hand people prefers to work on computers.

Computer repair

There are various types of computer repair one can encounter but the most common problem with the computer is freezing and appearances of the infamous “no boot” or “blue screen of death”. If you want to repair your computer by yourself than you can troubleshoot the issue or if the problem is big than consider seeking help from a professional. Any abnormality in any parts of the computer can be very harmful for further use of computer. Computer can store large number of data for long period of time without losing or deleting it. A data can be your documents, photos, videos, music or pdf etc. If all these data are lost from the computer than this is termed as data loss. In order to get back all the data one can use data recovery process. If your computer suffers any physical damage than not only your computer is affected but data inside it is also affected. A wide variety of failures can cause physical damage to the storage media. Hence, there are various techniques to recover data from physically damaged hardware.