The Truth About Dell Laptops

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The Truth About Dell Laptops

Dell is a multinational highly respected electronic company which brings a variety of laptops to the international market. The high-quality dell laptops ranges from easily affordable priced laptops to expensive rated laptops which are used to run multinational companies all over the world. Since time in memorial, the Pakistan community opted buying these laptops because they had affordable prices. Dell laptops are high quality and are reliable to any kind of task they are bought to serve making them very popular in international market. In addition to laptops, Dell has impressive notebooks, laptops and Ultra books all over world which has amazing features and specifications.

In the world of computing, Dells Inspiron series is the current revolution in the world today. Users of Dell laptops find them up to date with the current technology advancements which include: fast connectivity, long lasting batteries, powerful processors, sleek appearance and very light in weight and hence easily portable. The following are varieties of Dell laptops in the market:


This is the kind of laptops mostly available in firms. It’s the third-generation best laptops. Dell Inspiron laptops are stylish and sleek in design making them very popular. These kinds of laptops are the prime choices of students and professionals. It has a very fast processor speed of 2.5 Ghz or sometimes it’s more. This is a guarantee that the laptop can work at the right speed for long period of hours.

The laptop has 2-6 GB of RAM which is an amazing feature in laptops. The hard drive has 100 to 500 GB internal storage which is enough space to save all your data and even do back-ups when needed. The screen is about 15.6 inches depending on specific features the laptop has. This gives an amazing view of your movies documents and pictures. The laptop has support card reader where you can access data from your memory card at ease. Dell Inspiron is available in a variety of colours which could be white, silver, blue, orange and black. Its price ranges are affordable to most people with their differences coming in due to differences in screen sizes and other specific features.


Dell Vostro range is the most stylish and newest laptop in the market. It has an appealing appearance of black body that looks shiny and classic. They are very sophisticated and at the same time very elegant to own. Their processor speed is 2.40 gigahertz and sometimes more depending on the model of the laptop. On average it has i3 processor and a 15.6 inches screen size which could also vary greatly. You can get a high definition of your pictures and movies because Dell Vostro range laptop can support HD videos.

The hard drive has an average of 500 gigabytes although you can have small sized hard disks depending on the use of the laptop. Most people consider laptop disk sizes depending on its purpose e.g. Disk jokers prefers laptops with a high RAM, storage capacity and processors since they need constant output when performing. Dell Vostro range laptop has a 4 GB RAM which is quite fast when compared with other laptops which has low random access memory. The laptop has card reader slot which gives the option of backing up one’s data when need arises or changing operating system. Dell Vostro laptop is only available in one colour, although it has been rumoured that the Dell Company has underway plans of availing it in other variety of colours like dark blue, white and silver.

Dell Company has some of the best laptops in the market today one can use. The laptops can be used for academic purposes, business inventory and personal record keeping among other uses. They are easily affordable and have a friendly management solution which is easily accessible.